Digital Tax Preparation and Filing Capabilities Help to Protect Clients Against COVID-19

Heading the advice of the CDC and other health authorities, citizens throughout the country are actively practicing social distancing to protect themselves against the Corona Virus.  BAS  Accounting Services, CPA firm as well has implemented measures and technology to safeguard our clients during the crisis.  

In order to minimize exposure and passing of the virus, all BAS staff are utilizing our firm's 100% digital tax preparation and filing capabilities to prepare and file tax returns on behalf of our clients.

These  systems enable all BAS clients to digitally deliver their documents to our firm, and to electronically review, sign and file their tax returns  — without the need for face to face meetings.

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 In  response to the coronavirus crisis (COVID-19), the US Treasury and IRS extended the 2019 tax year federal tax filing and payment deadline to July 15, 2020.  For those who are in need of assistance with your taxes, our 100% digital  document delivery, tax  preparation, e-signing and e-filing process enables our clients to have their taxes safely and securely prepared and filed  — without the need for face to face meetings.