Top ten reasons to get tax prepration help from a CPA

10.  As your financial situation evolves, preparing your taxes becomes more  complicated and time consuming. Working with a tax professional takes  the hassle, frustration and time out of doing your taxes yourself. 

9.  Year over year tax laws change. What was a deduction last year may not  be a deduction this year. Moreover, when dealing with multiple sources  of income and investments or international income, you'll want to work  with a trusted tax professional who is up to speed on the many tax laws  and who understands how they may or may not apply to your situation. 

8.  Making mistakes can be very costly. In the end the IRS and state tax  authorities hold you responsible for your tax returns. Working with a  trained tax professional helps you to avoid mistakes that you may make  on your own. 

7.  Your time is worth money. The hours that it may take you to prepare  your own tax returns expand exponentially as your financial situation  evolves. Add up the hours that you would spend doing your taxes yourself  and calculate what that’s worth. If the answer is too many hours, seek  the help of a tax professional. 

6.  Tax software cannot represent you in an tax audit.  BAS Accounting  Services is a certified public accountant firm with both tax and audit specialists.

5. A tax professional can answer your questions to help you make smarter tax-saving decisions.

4.  A tax professional can help you plan all year and for future years. If  your tax professional is also a CPA they can help to review or prepare  your financial statements in advance – saving you even more hassle and  frustration at tax time.


3.  A tax professional can recommend ways to save on taxes. BAS Accounting  Services tax professionals are experts in domestic and international tax  laws and foreign tax treaties. 

2.  In addition to receiving professionally prepared tax returns, you  also receive peace of mind knowing that a tax professional is taking care of you and your family.      

And the number-one reason you should hire a professional tax preparer is: 

1. It can save you money. Good  tax professionals work hard for you to find and apply any applicable  deductions or tax credits – even one significant deduction or tax credit  can add up to savings which you may have overlooked on your own. 

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 If you want to ease your stress, save money and work with someone who understands and keeps up with tax law, consider a CPA.