Managerial and Cost Accounting

At BAS Accounting Services our consultants and Certified Public Accountant strive to enhance your bottom line through cost effective management and accounting of operating costs and reporting for employee expenses, management costs, payroll, taxes, as well as costs associated with overhead including benefits, equipment and software.

Contact us today to learn how your business could benefit from the following:

  • Performance and profitability analysis 
  • Budget, projections and forecasting
  • Recording income and expenditures 
  • Business financial records and reporting reviews
  • Reconciling bank statements and providing cash balance reports 
  • Invoicing your customers, posting collections, and aging accounts receivables 
  • Preparing financial statements and other reports

Professionally prepared documents

  • Income Statements    
  • Balance Sheets
  • Cash Flow    
  • Financial Reports 
  • Financial Ratios and Comparisons    
  • Earnings and Profits Analysis    
  • Segment Reports    
  • Budgets, Forecasting and Projections 


Professional Memberships